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Longboarding Like Mike Virgin on the Apex 40 Diam…: http://youtu.be/j1CUwDTF9Bw I know he doesn't ride with original anymore, and he had drug problems (don't do them guys) I have to say this video here was the inspiration for me to pick up a longboard for the first time
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Love this video
3 years ago·Reply
How old is he? When he made this
3 years ago·Reply
I think he was about 16 or so @IsaacPaulR
3 years ago·Reply
What a shame. I hate that lots of boarding cumminities arw into the drugs. probably ruined his life
3 years ago·Reply
well he went to rehab and cleaned up, and original is thinking about taking him back on the team @IsaacPaulR
3 years ago·Reply