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So as you can tell from the photos. I'm fat. Some of you may be thinking, "Man if he's fat, what does that make me?" Well I weigh just a little bit more than the average fat guy. Yes, I know what you're thinking, "He hides it well." Anyway, I'm not saying that being fat has anything to do with your longboarding abilities, but it does determine how much momentum you can build up and how hard gravity can slam you to the floor. It's a good thing I had my helmet in my backpack otherwise my back would have been torn to shreds. All this being said I'll share with you what exactly happened. My buddy Josh and I were going to hangout with our friend Amber. We stopped by her house but her brother told us she wasn't home. In the community she lives in there is this lake. We called Amber and she was at the softball fields on the other side of the lake. Not all the streets are flat so we thought it'd be fun to ride over there. We got to the top of this one hill and I thought it'd be a good idea to tighten my trucks. I've bombed this hill so many times before I didn't think much of it, I was just being cautious. So after I tighten my trucks I started hauling ass so I could make it over the next hill and pretty much coast the rest of the way. I was haulin ass down this hill, but part of me thought, "Go faster!", so I tucked down to gain some more speed, then I started wobbling. You all know the wobbles. I had the ones where you either jump or be thrown off. For a fat guy I'm pretty fast, but not fast enough for the speed I was going. So I jumped, and rolled, and rolled, and rolled. Finally I came to a stop. Face down I'm staring at the floor. "That could have been a lot worse. I'll just get back up. Keep going." I then saw blood dripping from my head to the road. "Shit my mom's gunna kill me." Anyway the main reason they called the paramedics is because when I stood I got really light headed and the thought I may have fractured my spine. At the E.R. They put me on some wicked pain killer, scrubbed all my wounds. I ended up with stitches on my head and my eyebrow, and a fractured collar bone, which put me out of Track and Field for the rest of the season.
Where your helmet kids. Case and point.
I wouldnt say they shouldn't longboard, they just need to be careful, like everyone does. I've seen some overweight people who longboard better than I could ever hope to ve
Hey man I'm big too and I love long boarding. You should keep doing it and maybe you could get better. Hope you heal well and get back on your board. I need more big people to skate with in this world haha
damn remember to be safe everyone
Damn that sucks one of my first lb injuries wad a fractured collarbone.
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