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When it comes to relationships it can be incredibly difficult to be objective. When you’re infatuated or even in love with someone, those wonderful feelings can blind you, making you only see the good in the person you’re with. But your own wellbeing is just as important and sometimes even when you love someone they aren’t right for you. Here are four ways to know it’s time to move on. Does your partner like who you are right now? ● Yes we all grow and change, but does the person you’re with love and accept who you are now? If they seem to focus more on your faults they aren’t appreciating the wonderful person you already are. Does your partner say they love you without showing it? ● Do their words and actions match, or are they saying those three little words while mistreating you and taking you for granted? You don’t have to rely on what someone says without taking into account what they do, actions speak louder than words after all. If what your partner is saying versus what they’re doing doesn’t match up, that’s a big red flag. Are you trying to convince them to love you more? ● If you feel like you’re the only one making an effort in the relationship, there’s a problem. A relationship takes two people working together to make it work, not one dragging the other up a hill. If you’re forcing it, it’s time to stop. There are much better ways to use your time and energy than forcing someone to be with you. Does your partner value your physical beauty more than your character? ● Appreciation of physical appearance is entirely subjective, what someone should love about you is WHO you are not what you look like. If the person you’re with is more entranced by your face than the words that come out of your mouth there’s a problem.
@onesmile absolutely! It's just as important to examine your own behavior as the person you're with.
@assassin38 I can't agree more! Even if it's possible to sense that someone isn't in a great mood, you can't know the reason or the cause if they're not willing to share. And having to force someone to tell you they're sad or in a tense position just makes the problem harder to solve once it's revealed, I think.
partners should tell one another when sad or in tension. they shouldn't hide their fellings. this surely will help out
Even recognizing the steps in someone else is often not enough to understand it for yourself, but I think these are all great ideas in reviewing your relationship