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I just recently paid a good friend of mine to cover up this AWFUL "tattoo" of an octopus on my forearm. I hated looking at it every day and would never even call the thing art. It was an eyesore and very poorly reflected my love for art and ink beautifully pieced together. He converted something that I despised into a wonderful work of art. The vulture was what took most of the time to complete (a painful 7 hours!) Just thought I'd let everyone see and if you're in the Colorado area and need some work done, feel free to let me know! I'd love to connect other tattoo enthusiasts with him!
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@TwistThane Yeah lol one of the reasons I'm worried about getting a tattoo is because I'm afraid of not liking it, but this is reassuring because there are ways to still fix it!!
This is awesome!!! I love seeing that even something permanent (the first tattoo) can be redone into something else. Nice~
@TwistThane Good to know!! I'm thinking about getting my first tattoo maybe next year so I have time to prepare :)
@onesmile yes there is! a piece of advice for what it's worth, always get a simple smaller tattoo at first. either it will be something to cherish or its not going to be a big crazy piece that will be an awful time covering up. having good ink is fantastic! having bad ink really makes you feel bad haha
thank you! I totally agree it was a really great experience to see it happen and rid myself of that crap lol