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I'm getting into sliding and I'm wanting gloves
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My sector 9 ones are shredded too, and I barely slide!
I have some cheap rip off ones I got off eBay for $20. don't go for the name brands, they're a rip off
for about 2 months I make my own slide gloves with duct tape and beer cans. I dint recommend all @Shulace
That...doesn't sound safe at all. I'm talking about heavy duty gloves with cutting board or slide pucks. You get some Velcro and epoxy on both sides to the glove and slide puck, that way when you thrash your glove you can just peel the puck off and attach new Velcro to another glove. If you're still looking to try Id re comment Grease Monkey gloves, you can buy them at Home Depot for like 3 bucks. Pretty durable too. For the pucks get some Holesome or Sector 9 pucks.
Holsom pucks are amazing. Crashed going like 35 mph and slid like ten feet on my holsom pucks