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I really like this couple, especially how they develop their relationship from friendship (it's an odd friendship tho) to romance. The background of each character were unique too, an architect and an artist^^ Too bad I feel like something lost after they start dating, especially when it developed to rather "general plot" of korean drama. Anyway... I miss this couple and the drama^^
dahdu...(me too) ...saya juga..
I have It on my computer but i didn't start it ... till the very end to Keep it in mind I can't stand waiting for the episodes ... I see ten episodes from the begining and move to the last one and then continue I'm a wired Girl .. ?
i only bought a dvd of his dramas, duno where to download it.. yes, he's the only one made me stay up all night just to finish watching his drama..really love/like his dramas.. Faith is now on its episode 19.. so sad it will end soon..(6 episodes left) :(..
I agree Too ... Lee Min Ho Is one of the greatest Actor I've ever seen . I realy enjoy His Dramas , he's way of acting ... And the fact that He always has the mane role Is Charming with his clothes his prsonality and the status ... Making all the poeple stay up at night till the end of his movies is a great thing .... @Katieloidlei -- I've dowload All his Dramas the four main Dramas I mean Boys Befors Flowers City Hunter Personal Taste and I also Get FAITH Ahhhhhh ... what a happy life having him !
i first watched this drama in korean version..since i can't get enough of this drama, i bought a dvd to watched it all over again (in tagalog version).. this was the first kdrama ive ever watched.. @ damya -- me too i like the ending, i admit there are parts that i cried.. personal taste is daebakk! :)
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