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Here is a pic of my board. I have had it for around 2 years now and it is a really hardy board. The second day I had it my brother got it ran over by a mini van but the board was all good. Just bent the trucks a little. Nothing a hammer couldn't fix. It's 8 ply 42 inches by 10 I believe. Really heavy because of the 8 plus but if u can do a slide on this board u can do it on almost any board.
you can tell its a great board if it takes that kind of abuse and lasts haha
he'll yeah you can
how much do you ride? cause I've never met anyone who's had they're board over half a year that didn't have noticeable scratches on it
I ride every day. My board is my main way to get to places. I covered up the really bad scratches with stickers the board is covered in little scratches from it rolling across tables. I let a friend ride it and they went over a curb and got some long and thin ass scratches going across the yellow. Other then that I try to take good care of my board. Besides doing slides and what not.