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please do not feed the waterfowl.

Lmao! That's enough to feed a whole generation of ducks xD
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Change Your Driving Test Without Losing The Booking Fee:
If you want to change your driving test date without losing your fee, then you are in the right place. In this article, I'll tell you how to do it. Read everything very carefully to learn how to change your driving test date or appointment. There are many reasons to change your driving test date. If you want to change it, you must give three working days' notification to avoid paying any additional charges. When you decide to change your driving test date, make sure that your driving instructor is available for the new test date. You will need two of the following items to change your driving test date: โ— Your provisional driving license number โ— Your reference number โ— Your certificate number of passed theory tests You're able to change your driving test date up to six times. After six changes, you will have to cancel and book a new test. Cancel the Driving Test In 2014, DVSA announced that some people don't need to pay again to change their driving test dates if they can't give three working days' notice: โ— Certified medically ill persons โ— Anyone with school exams โ— Those suffering a bereavement โ— Armed forces personnel who are immediately called for duty With the coronavirus spreading worldwide, any person who has symptoms must self-isolate and does not need to go in for the test. These rules are made by the government when the examiners discuss students who lost their fees due to examinations, illness, or other reasons. So, the government has made some rules and regulations to avoid these types of complaints. If you're a student and your examinations are near, you don't need to give three working days' notice to DVSA. You just need a letter from your institute's head authority and the availability of your driving instructor. Also, if something unfortunate happens to you, such as an accident or sudden illness, you have the right to change into quick driving test dates without losing money or paying an additional fee. If you are an armed forces personnel and immediately get orders from your unit to join them as soon as possible, you can inform the DVSA after the settlement. All these reasons require a letter from the chairperson. A student needs the letter from the principal, the ill person needs the letter from the doctor or hospital, and the armed forces personnel needs the letter from the head of their unit. With all of these reasons, you must have your driving instructor confirm your reason and sign off on the DVSA forums. How to Get a Detailed Guide If you want a detailed guide on the internet about changing the driving test dates and refunding, I recommend visiting Test Swap. You'll get everything from this website. I have personal experience using their website. Whenever I want to know something or have any doubts, I visit Test Swap. Every time, this website helps me a lot and clears my doubts.