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Slippin away As casually as I arrived Like a ghost who likes pictures And mirrors, and windows, and the reflection off of my car And anything to show myself that I still don't fully know myself I grow and grow Eat and eat Sleep and dream Waiting to find a moment of peace Clarity is an open mind I've been losing screws trying to open mine
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Yea it's like cool and bad at the same time. you can always surprise yourself.
I have to ask, is this a picture of you? The dog looks like a lot of fun. Anyways @WyattHaste in regards to the poem, the last line is the strongest I think: I've been losing screws trying to open mine. Even though the narrator is trying, the mind won't come unhinged, but screws are being lost, but those aren't the screws that open the mind. I love this imagery; really great!
thank you I feel the same it's a battle for peace inside ourselves. but yes that is me! and my dog Bo! he is tons of fun let me tell you lol
@WyattHaste Exactly! I know what to expect form some people around me (or even to expect surprises) but when I surprise myself, it's a whole different kind of thing.