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At what point do you guys usually replace your pucks or gloves if necessary? And what brand do you recommend as "The BEST possible sliding glove there is"
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I have holesom atm (the smelly pucks) and they wear down too fast and aren't that slippery as I'd wish. ojoom last forever and slip all day. id change pucks when they completely burn through. not really a best brand of slide gloves though, I usually make my own cause its 3x cheaper. the one thing you never want to do. is place fingers on the ground, even if you have finger pucks, its bad habit. Im using fingerless gloves now so im forced not to put fingers down haha.
I change mine once it gets super thin. Holesom makes nice smelling pucks. :)
Holesoms wear a ton, get ojoom, they slip nice and last ages. Don't replace your gloves, that's nothing. Just put some black electrical tape around the fingers and keep going, if you can still see the logo on the puck you aren't even close to being done.
@Agek Nice observation dude. I noticed that, too. I suppose they do wear thin a lot quicker than other pucks. I still think they are awesome, though! I like the size, and probably because I'm a girl, and I think they look cute. :X
I use Ojoom. They are a little sticky when you're sliding on janky pavement, but as soon as you hit the butter you are weightless! and by the way @NickCongelliere your gloves aren't worn yet. I'll post a picture of my gloves