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Do anyone know what truck is this? look dope and fresh
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@filirican the tarantula truck 2.0 seem like for drop Longboard and the high tech walnut cracker did show it iy Cleary show the nut cracker but at least try to help me thank.
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@KacperKania My bad dude, I didn't read the title, therefore I didn't realize you were asking what kind of truck these are. I honestly have no idea what kind of trucks these are either but I honestly think these may have a unique and cool function :)
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@filirican I alright man I just try learn more about this but it need the name first to search it. look cool but probably to much work for this.
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crane suspension
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@BrandonTremmel @filirican @steveSipolton @MicahKnoop @DanielSpazJsmes @steezus @TyMatlock I figure it what it call! It call the yanko for longboard search it up on Google and find more information! look dope and fresh
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