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sense I don't really know exactly to get an I have the community to help out do you guys think I should get original trucks or what kind?
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What's better Cal 50 or 44 for downhill sliding on the caliber 2
Get caliber 2s
Can anyone comment whether 44 rise or 50 is better or no one knows??
Idk I have 32 risers
oh my, the kookery in this thread is amusing, so here's some info; 44° baseplates are more stable at speed, while 50° baseplates are turnier. rule of thumb for all trucks is: lower degree: more stable higher degree: turnier Caliber 2s are stronger, have a more open bushing seat, have less slop, better pivot cup and kingpin hole, and are generally sex compared to the cal 1s. if you're cruising it won't make a difference. what are "32 risers"???