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I found this article over at BGR, and to be honest, I never really think about data speeds when looking at a smart phone (this is mostly because I think it is more of a carrier issue than a phone issue). Anyway, they tested a variety of smartphones to see which could download (Pic 1) and upload (Pic 2) data the fastest. The Galaxy Note 3 has the fastest download rates, while the Samsung Galaxy S5 has the fasted upload speeds. Something to think about before buying your next phone, I guess. Sometimes amazing specs aren't everything.
Honesty, I feel that this is super important. Alnost every app I use requires data, so I want the fastest upload/download speeds.
@csgeek Yes, very true. How would you stream, upload, download, etc? Although I think all of the phones in the study are all pretty good, it's just the Galaxy Note 3 beat them