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I have always found these type of apps interesting, because, essentially, it is a commentary on the user experience (UX) of the original platform. Someone thinks a website or platform can use improvement, so they improve it. The app is called Current for Facebook. For $1.99, you essentially integrate Facebook to your Mac desktop. I am not a Mac user, but if this app were for Windows 8, for example, would I buy it? Would I pay for better user experience? I don't know, to be honest. I feel that I am too accustomed to the Facebook UI to really care to change it...I would rather be comfortable than try something new. I mean, how many of us are outraged when they change something? To use a separate app seems like a lot of work. Some people think otherwise, according to some of the comments I read in the app reviews. I'm surprised Facebook hasn't officially done this yet...I mean, look at Home. They're focused in the mobile direction, I guess. (There's even rumors of a Facebook phone?!!!) Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! Check out the app here:
good information to know.
I really don't think I'm interested in this, personally, though I guess for some people there might be an appeal.
@csgeek That's interesting. You prefer it over just using the mobile site? Which one do you use?
No, I wouldn't. I admit I have used a similar app for reddit on my phone, though
I would never pay for it. The browser experience is good enough. There's nothing inconvenient about it
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