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So me being the fat ass I am, snapped my longboard tryin to slide. Me being the crafty guy I am took a saw and sand paper and made it a short board.
Keep at it bro(: boarding will shed the pounds! good luck and dont get down, youl make it(;
I did read you snapped your board, I was trying to imply that you should look into the Loaded Tan Tien, is all. I jump on it and it hit the pavement and even accidentally ran it over with my dads f150 lol. Luckily it was on the grass and only get forced flat into the ground but still- great board :)
@ChrisRoss I'm not sure if you read the post but I did snap it. And I'm 330 lbs.
Bro bro- I started boarding at 287lbs on a loaded- tan tien, flex 1.. I promise you won't snap that board! I'm now 250.. Good luck mate!!