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Ok so my arm is scabed over but it's Yellow. I'm wondering if it is healing properly. I've been putting neosporin on it daily so it could be that but I'm not sure?
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If it's scabbed over don't bug it, it's your body's way of healing. Neosporin is known for making that weird color. Keep it clean and covered so it doesn't get infected. Props to my mom cause she's a nurse haha(:
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Get some bacitracin, then cover it with Tegaderm. It's a great wound dressing to help keep it clean, and it lasts up to a week!
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Tegaderm is also clear so you can check your wound as much as you want, lol.
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@patrickyun hahahahah that just made my day xD
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it just looks like an early, wet scab. best thing to do is to slap it, put on your helmet, and hit the skreets again. And if you fall, than the other wound will bother you, and not that one ;)
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