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New television show "Kpop High" possibly coming to nickelodeon
Not really sure how I feel about this... I mean it could get people more interested in Kpop but it could also paint it horribly wrong :/
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@Toykopop that's what I'm worried about most with this, that they will totally miss what Kpop is about, and give people the wrong idea
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I know... We're already getting bashed at for liking it and if this show DOES ruin kpop then we're all screwed. But we haven't seen it yet or the previews so it might be good. I read it was a comedy musical about 3 girls in a broading school found out they all love and knack for kpop. @MattK95
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@Toykopop the idea itself isn't bad so I'll give the first few episodes a chance, but if they've ruined it, I'll want the show axed XD
3 years ago·Reply
Me too! There is already an petition that doesn't want the show to aired. Damn.... That was quick...@MattK95
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@Toykopop a petition already?! Wow I'm not gonna sign it cause the show could be good, and I'm willing to give it one chance at least
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