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How could you expect potential returns from your business without promoting it? It's impossible for you to leverage business revenues without getting it noticed. Promoting business is crucial for its growth. But, what type of promotion technique you choose is even more important. [ Goal or an Arrow ?] Before traditional, let me ask you what is trending marketing tactics? What? Yes..yes, I can hear you.. Digital Marketing? Right.[Such a genius you are!!!] Online business techniques are on a great buzz. Big or small business houses use it as one of the tool to advertise their business. However, you could not ignore traditional or offline marketing techniques. Though such techniques are not in much practice, but still it is effective and can upgrade your business to a next level. Let me share 5 Creative offline techniques with you. 1. Trade Show Conducting trade events has turned out to be one of the most effective offline marketing method. Trade show events gives you as a business owner, an opportunity to interact with those customers who show keen interest in your business. Such events are effective because it draws attention of potential customers when you are on a verge of commencing your own business. Prior making customer acquainted with your business knowledge, it becomes necessary to grab their attention through such trade events. 2. Business Cards Business cards are one of the proven offline promoting techniques, if used creatively. Cards are entitled with your business details such as name, logo, location and contact information. Even it helps to reach your business message to promising customers. Only you need is to make such cards look appealing. Be innovative and make eye-catching business cards that attracts potential customers. Your business card should .... - Directly conveys your business goal - Avoid excessive use of fonts - Avoid listing all services - Provide interactive and engaging elements Business cards with best designs are ineffective, if not used properly. How to use it effectively? You can drop cards in places where you find people of gathering. It can be a restaurant, cafes, coffee shops or even in libraries. Go creative and make the best use of business cards to market your business! 3. Network "Don't just create a followers, make genuine friend" Connect with people who have the same interest and have mutual beneficial relations. Having established a huge network makes your marketing technique a competent one. Various network sources help your business to get noticed. Only you need is to promote it through preferred network. Market your business through network like.... - T.V and radio personalities. - Marketing experts. - Bloggers and social media celebrities. - Business owners indulges into selling related products. 4. Print Media Use print media through flyers or banners and spread them among targeted people to grab their focused attention towards your business. But such an advertising technique needs an expert to design those banners as per your business specification. 5. Vehicle Magnet Advertisement Car Magnet, one of the most affordable offline marketing methods that uplift your business instantly. Nowadays, such technique has been appreciated much because it last longer and needs no maintenance. You need to just drive your vehicle along the busy street and make your business get noticed. Make sure that such auto magnets should be designed appropriately. Car magnets must.... - Clear - Easy to understand - Readable and - Engaging How your business can benefits dedicated customers should be there on vehicle magnets at any how.. At the End: Mentioned 5 techniques are effective and affordable. You can execute any of those to sky-rocket your business revenue. Your views and suggestions for traditional marketing techniques are most welcomed in comment section.
Business cards and networking are the ones I still use :) I don't use print media at all besides business cards
What kind of traditional marketing you still use ?
Great. ! You can use print media, if you want to market your business, locally and with low budget. I think, it works generally for local business. What you say ?