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Pennyboard Convo
So I was thinking, and what do you guys think about pennyboards?
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I think they are great to learn on! if you can cruise, bomb, and slide one of these, you can with anything you ride.
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well that's kinda dumb @steezus (the backpack thing) everyone has their own opinion on a board like a penny. must say this has gotten in to a pretty good discussion
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I love cruising on my penny... I had no idea they are seen as "poser" and hipster boards... Friends, refrain from the bad language use because there are some barely getting into riding in this community and we gotta be open to it all. Everyone's opinion is great and appreciated, but just make them as nice as possible please! Keep the happiness in the community! Woot!
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it doesn't hurt to try it bro and its always nice to have a variety of boards to ride, so if you want one get it cause they look pretty fun.
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I think people who can ride a penny skillfully "I can" and do things normally some ppl wouldn't do on a long board should have respect. Second the penny is built amazing and has great mobility. What I've found the most about then is the people that dislike them are the ones that cannot ride them.
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