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Bankk Ca$H ♥♥
my fav thai singer Bankk Ca$h....love his tats!!!!
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i know right.....*biting bottom lip*....check out his butt profile.....hhmm....lolz
His whole um...pose is very....provocative. LOLOL! He is cute and I love that shoulder tat.
@YinofYang ,do you listen to khmer music? i also listen to thai/lao songs....my boyfriend, yes him, this guy is a thai singer ....he sings rock and pop music...ill upload a few of his songs...
@cheerfulcallie I do, actually. I listen to a lot of old school Khmer music, from the singers who are all dead now. I love Asian music. Of course, I'll listen to just about everything. Sweeeet! (★^O^★) That would be awesome.
ahahahaha, @cheerfulcallie can i meet your boyfriend unnie??? ahahahahahaha, lol... how have you guys been doing, just came back from the islandsand got me a tan, like uhm... *cough cough* ur frnd up there, lolz :)