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Tight Trucks Are Bad!?

So... I've heard that tightening your trucks will give you more speed wobbles? It makes no sense, and I'm very confused and honestly scared to board bigger hills now because I plan on tightening my trucks before I go. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! Let's make a good discussion out of this, cause I need it lol. Thanks dudes.
post a pic of your trucks
when you tighten your trucks past a certain point, the physics changes instead of using the rebound of the bushings durometer you are using compression from the tightness. it's not the worse thing you can do to your bushings but you can get a bad ride if you have too soft of bushings that are cranked down too tight or too hard of bushings that too restrictive.
@Mannith how can you tell when that point is?
get split duro double barrels. try 92a rad barrels boardside and your 90a venom barrels roadside. if you want something turnier or more responsive try venom 90a/87a, softer bushings always roadside.
So I am riding 90a venoms on my downhill board, but my bushings look squished (I tighten them a lot). Should I just get ever harder bushings? Im only 125 pounds.
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