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1) Expect to fall and get hurt. Like with any other sport, ours is not an infallible to injury, even pros no matter how easy they make it look. So wear that helmet and all your other safety gear! 2) Experience=Confidence. This is obvious but to all the people who ask questions about tips for bombing hill and sliding there is a universal tip many of us say, "JUST GO OUT AND SKATE!" We as a community can only help you so much, its your job to fail and keep trying until you learn your own way. 3) LIVE TO BOARD ANOTHER DAY! Pretty much if you don't feel right about something you probably shouldn't do it. Its okay to back down, there will be plenty of chaces to go 50+ MPH. Its better you have that chance rather than end up im a body cast. 4) The rider makes the gear, the gear does not make the rider. Pros can make any gear look good because....well they're pros lol. Personal preference is highly encouraged in our sport, there is no actual thing as "shitty gear" in theory. It just doesn't work for you. Be a versatile rider and try any new gear you can get your hands on. Be well rounded so you can help others! 5) Have fun! (Duh) As longboarders we all have our preferred styles, these rules are just some that i think will apply to people generally and have helped me greatly in my skills as a rider.
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couldn't say it better myself