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During college I didn't have the time to do much fresh baking. I would always use canned mushroom soup to bake tuna casserole. It didn't taste bad, but it would have taste better with freshly diced mushrooms. With that said, here's a healthy mushroom alfredo pasta bake recipe from Pinch of Yum. Feel free to add extra ingredients: such as caramelized onion, bacon, or sausage. I kept mine meatless to keep it light.
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I love baked pastas, it gives me a good excuse to use extra cheese!
wonder if i can find gruyere cheese at ralphs or vons.
Oh my goodness this sounds incredible! Baked pastas are really great to freeze and re-bake later :)
@iluvdurian31 I usually get my cheese from Traders or Wholes, but I'm sure Ralphs or Vons carries it.
@kristenadams That's a great idea, but leftovers don't happen in my house with baked pastas. :)