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Another interesting release this week, the Vudu Spark, a streaming HDMI streaming stick trademarked by Walmart. To be honest, I had never heard of Vudu before. Knowing Walmart, they're probably going to sell this at an affordable price. The interesting thing about this is that Vudu Spark will only launch Vudu...unlike Chromecast that has several apps including Vudu. Not sure where they are going with this. It's not on sale yet, apparently this information came out because it's filed with the FCC. @DanWest, what do you think?
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@TechAtHeart it seems to me that chrome cast will keep expanding, so it's probalby the best choice (that, or getting a DVD player or something that can play across devices, but that's not really price friendly...)
@nehapatel True. I wonder how long DVD players will last since technology is changing so much.
@TechAtHeart ehh, it should be around for a while longer, but not too long!
Vudu has been a pay per view streaming service for a while @TechAtHeart, but was never really a competitor in that space. If the Vudu spark is only going to access the Vudu service, I don't see it being competition to any streaming players unless they move to a cheaper subscription service and an expanded library.
@DanWest Good point: it really can't compete with that kind of limited frame to work within.