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The protest at the White House was one of several organized by a group known as Battle for the Net. The protests formed in nearly three dozen cities across the United States. The protests were triggered by a "report suggesting that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler just might be settling on a plan that would give regulators more power over the way the Internet flows between content providers like Netflix and Internet service providers like Comcast by reclassifying those portions under what's known as Title II of telecommunications law. Instead of treating the Internet as a single ecosystem, a so-called hybrid approach could divide regulation between retail consumers and wholesale customers." Many people are concerned with the FCC chairman Tom Wheeler's position. As a former lobbyist for this industry, many feel he does not hold the public interest in this case. If you want some more information about the background of this story, check out this other card:
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Glad people went out, if I had a protest near me I would have as well. Doesn't seem like that many people went out though.
@TeamWaffles glad to see this. I joined with some students on my campus to protest @hunahuna yes, not many people...more of a reason to go out