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About two years ago it wasn't clear for me to go. I bit my tongue on a lot of things that I should've let go. A lot of my friends went to jail, I was still in school waiting to in hail a Dutch filled with marijuana and some food to munch on too. Art was my major, I'll admit it. school was kind of like an anchor, and I was on a boat still at the dock waiting for the the clock to turn before I started to realize now that I was on the top. I was always stopped , but now I realized I made the decisions and school is just school, unless you think outside the box. I'm positive now I and one with myself I don't need negativity to bring my life down, I have a lot of catching up to do, " saying today is going to be a good day" actually turned my life around. So to the people who are having a bad day I want them to re-read this and coincide with it.
Great! Glad to hear you have turned your life around: sometimes, all it takes is a little extra thought, and putting a pen to paper to realize the changes you have made. I hope these changes can continue for you! @DarrenKelly
Well my changes are good but I'm still surrounded with negativity and prosperity that brings me and my girlfriend down, it's sort of a doggy dog world over here and I was on my own until I found my girlfriend.
Stay postive Darren, it will attract positive things come to you! Remember this : No one can go back and make a brand new start, start today and make a brand new ending! Good luck!!!
@moya23 Moya has it right here @DarrenKelly! Your new found positivity can only continue if you believe in it.