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I hate the man who yells assault and chases the skaters for a block. Ugh some people.
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In some places the only part that is private property is the building itself.
those skateboarders are just straight up fucking assholes
The first day, very first time on my board, a cop stopped me. I was at an unused warehouse parking lot and he checked my ID and called it in that I was there in case something happened to the place. Then he keeps telling me when he was younger he skated, I'm old enough to be his dad he looked maybe 25. He had a cousin in Cali who rides a long board and gets sideways lol. He was nice but if I'd been jogging or on my bike he'd kept going.
I agree with you on the part of him riding by if you weren't a skater. bit that's caused by the skaters like the ones in the video who have no respect for anyone