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So I got some standard 1 inch washers on my board, and venom barrels on both sides. The washer isn't fully covering the bushing though! How bad is this, if at all, and what solutions are there? And no, the washer isn't made for cones, I'm not an idiot.
Keep riding & if it breaks, it's another excuse to buy a whole new complete board(;
Curved washers are better @IsaacPaulR and here's why, flat washers bend, if your going flat get Amish washers. But if you don't fave those use the rounded ones.
use the cupped washers you have they are a bit more restrictive, but flat washers will deform your bushings over time do to shape
@IsaacPaulR the flat washers dont cover the whole bushing they are just barely too small abd the reason for that is because the flat bushings are more for free riding and turning. They give you more clearance on the bushing. Never have i had any problem with mine cutting into my bushings though.
Yeah, I weigh 200 and skate loose trucks on my street board. If your bushings are too soft or you overturn often, the washers can cut into the bushings and then sink in around them. Would suck if you were going fast, but I've never broken any longboarding bushings. @agek knows wassup
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