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Mine are Vans. They fit my foot great, and I love the style. The bottom of the sole seems to be fairly durable too. My only complaint is on two of my pairs the rubber around the edge is starting to come loose. It's not falling off or anything yet so it's not too big of a deal. What's your favorite shoe and why?
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Vans half cabs! They are really durable, have great ankle support, and look awesome! Vans souls are so much more resilient it's hard to ruin my other sexy kicks when I know my trusty vans will hold up.
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Vans for sure. Super durable and last a long time, at least for me
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I like dc they're so comfy and when it comes to riding my board
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janoskis, busenitz pros, manchester selects, Chris coles, and maranas by Nike, Adidas, Lakai, DC and Etnies respectively. vans have poor durability unless you're solely (pun intended) cruising.
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Vans want some Half Cabs though. Cab turned 50 yesterday, the man not the shoe!
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