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shit.. this is our problem now in the philippines... some stupid senator in our country submitted this bill and it got approved... the netizens in our country are waging war against this said bill.. for maligning someone, posted lets say a rated r to x, you get to go to prison? bullshit!! what will happen to us if they won't let us download music, movies and dramas, watch the live streaming..do they want to kill every filipino netizens out there? there goes our freedom!! =( stupid bill!! what's the use of having fast intenet access if we're restricted to to do anything with it? that's why on facebook, there are a lot of filipino people who has black picture in their profile pic.. this symbolizes that we are against cybercrime law... what would you do if this happens in your country? huhuhu
hopefully.. in god's will...^^
hope for the best..god will do the rest :)
you're so right... hope everything will turn out okay...^^ if not... i don't know what will happen to me... this is my life, how can i survive without my beloved korean dramas and movies and kpop!!
it will..if so many people come together for a common cause it will definitely work out.. a democracy as they say is of the people, by the people and for the people...so they just can't ignore their people
sadly, it won't be withdrawn but only amended as the scope of this law is really extensive.. what i was shocked about was that it was not broadcasted on tv, they surprised us that this bill was passed and was approved this day and i only knew about this, yesterday morning? there are many protesters now, some are from the government too and many NGOs (non government organization) the youth of our country are making their voices heard... that's a good thing coz we need everybody to know about this and help us regarding this matter... all internet providers were asked to help out as well as social network sites like facebook and twitter.. hope this nightmare stops...=(
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