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Ignore the bass, that was when I gave my bro the board. But what was your first board? Mine was this Stella Paisley pintail. My little sister has it now so I can teach her. Overall a great board for a cheap price. great for some downhill too. Although its a pintail, I weigh about 215 and it has almost no flex. And for being almost 7 years old, and taking abuse from friend after friend that has had it, it can withstand anything haha
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thank you @steezus, for not ignoring my bass:) My favorite song to play right now is Running Free by Iron Maiden
I play bass, really into the slapping scene. victor wooten anybody?
Frist deck was a popsicle when I was like 11! Upgraded to long boards and hybrids four years ago with a 40inch Paradise dropped DH deck. Also Slap is where its at Isaac, even though I only play sax n keys anymore.
First deck was a Loaded tan tien. and @SteveLee772, ill post a vid sometime(;