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In the harsh desert of central California known as the Mojave - there is a place where commercial jet airliners are brought to die. Called "The Bone Yard" - this eerie place - several miles in diameter - is home of hundreds of massive passenger jets - all in various stages of deconstruction. For a small fee of around $15,000 - you can get a permit to film there for a day. I was there shooting EPK - electronic press kit - or "behind the scenes" photos - for a huge music video production. Between takes - which was often long stretches of time - I'd wander around and shoot photos of these massive hulking airplanes - some looked ready to fly - others were barely recognizable as something that once safely carried people through the sky above. It was late January. Cold, windy, and at time raining. It was the perfect weather to underline the subtext of this sad and desolate place.
Very eerie!
I've heard of this place but I've never actually seen it. It certainly has that 'bone yard' feel to it...