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I love to ride when the sun is setting. Gives me something to look at, & I just so happen to love the weather during it(;
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I have to agree with @EugeneAlcantar Sunset to nightfall give me the best experiences, especially if you're by the beach or the mountains where the stars surround you :) gawd I sound like a transcendental lol
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Definitely early morning. The feeling of having all day to skate is glorious
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The point right after sunset where there is no sun at all but its still perfectly bright. I hate having the sun in my eyes
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Sunset or nighttime... It's my own time where I don't have to worry about people watching me, waiting to see if I'm going to fall or something. It's just me and the board and my own competition to see how fast I can go. It's my time; the best time :)
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Btw, switch me my bushings back please
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