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Scratch is a programming created by a lab over at MIT to making programming easier to learn. Programming can be very intimidating to learn, especially for kids. Scratch allows you to learn the basics of programming and create fun games, stories, and even interactive art. It is completely free and can be used online or your desktop (Windows, Mac, or Linux.) I recommend Scratch to anyone who is curious about programming or for a younger sibling, son/daughter, or friend who would be interested in creating some cool projects! Programming is such a great skill to have, and this tool is an amazing opportunity for the younger generation to be exposed to programming. Many schools now use it to teach kids ages 8 to 16 how to code. Do any of you use this? Or, do any of you have other tools that you would recommend to beginners? I'm trying to get more familiar with it because I feel my little brother would love to play around with it, especially since he loves video games.
@TechAtHeart Definitely. This isn't something professional to put on your resume...but what if we created changenby learning these tools and teaching the younger generation? Food for thought! :)
Scratch is such a great tool! My campus does educational programs with it over summers. They partner with local elementary and middle schools. It feels a little too out of my age range for me to enjoy personally though
@csgeek Very true! I'm really loving these educational tools for computer science! :)