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Getting new wheels

Which one do y'all think I should get?
I went through the 82a's in about 30 hours of riding.
no matter what anyone says, don't get otangs unless they're kegels for DH or Pushing. otangs chatter a ton and the centersets are particularly grippy. I'm trying to core my fat frees ATM just to get them over with haha. BO Morgans are fucking amazing, my only problem is that they don't last too long. wheels that are very similar are Churchill red eyes, they're half the price so you could get two sets for the price of one set Morgans but its your choice, and buy from the Thane Store, they're rad as hell and they throw in some freebies haha
Had mine for a week and there not even broken in for me yet. They're pretty resilient for how well they dump thane and slide.
I know, I just want a wheel that will last a few months @Agek
@MicahKnopp they last a while Micah, but if you're freeriding don't expect anything to last forever
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