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Is it worth investing money into rain wheels?
Ill post the company I was talking about later today
Not sure what @tristendamon is talking about, if you roll a wheel on water there's less contact with the ground, aka less friction, aka slippery. The urethane is irrelevant to how grippy they are in rain. The hydroplane on the other hand is. The rain grooves work like tire tread and allow the wheel to make more contact with the ground and tread better, you can but them but it's cheaper to use a lathe you have or a friend has, or just get old wheels and cut grooves from them. @CharlesSutliff
Forgot what company... They custom turn regular wheels into rain wheels. They also do other modifications. I saw them turn a kegal into a stone groud 70mm round lip freeride. they are thw coolest company
I honestly wouldn't worry about the wheels for rain because any urethane will hold up. Be more concerned about your bearings because they will rust and sieze up.
Ok cool. I should probably get some. My wheels are pretty icy when it's wet
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