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I was wondering if there are any advantages to having a pintail board... I'm fairly clueless when it comes to longboarding and any advice would be deeply appreciated!!! I would definitely like to get into hills/dancing!! Also what are the best type of wheels to slide with? Thanks you guys!!
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There are basically only disadvantages to owning a pintail. Hills and dancing and sliding are three very different things, and the only board I've seen that can do it all is the Loaded Tesseract. Its gonna be hard to find a board that can do all that.
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Pintails are good for cruising/ carving but I own one now and I really just want a symmetrical board again. They are the best because you can do most things on a freeride board like a tessie or switchblade
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Some days I wish I would have gotten a regular tessy.
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Dont get a pintail just dont. Dancing can be done on anything that has room. Im unsure if you wanna DH bomb or just DH so eh cant help. But honestly walk into your local shop start standing on stuff for a first deck Id go somewhere in the middle for everything just so you can try it all and get a good taste. Far as a good learning slide wheel Zombie Hawgs and or butter balls will teach you quick n easy.
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Thank you guys sooo much!!! I'll definitely look into the symmetrical boards!!
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