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I respect those who wait tables.

So not completely longboard related but yeah. Well I'm trying to work at a local vegetarian place and I have to wait tables, work register, and pick up dishes and I only worked five hours but I am exhausted... Personally I'd rather stock shelves. But so I can get a paycheck I'm gonna try to work the rest of the month. I hope I don't die between school and work. But hey once I get a paycheck, LONGBOARD STUFF!!!
I only get paid at the end of the month... @mikerosa92 I have to wait so long.
at 7am I get to ride with the rising sun.
the only thing I like about my job is when I get off ay
Dude. just think of the super rad board you can buy in two weeks. That always gets me through my janitor job
My coworkers say that that was the busiest they've been in a long while so I hope it really does slow down tomorrow.
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