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So not completely longboard related but yeah. Well I'm trying to work at a local vegetarian place and I have to wait tables, work register, and pick up dishes and I only worked five hours but I am exhausted... Personally I'd rather stock shelves. But so I can get a paycheck I'm gonna try to work the rest of the month. I hope I don't die between school and work. But hey once I get a paycheck, LONGBOARD STUFF!!!
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@IsaacPaulR my job only pays on the first of each month.
@DanielSpazJames I worked the hell out of my restaurant jobs. I washed dishes to start, then I ran food, food expo, bar back, and eventually waited tables. My favorite was definitely not waiting tables. Food running was intense, but the money was good and you keep busy without having to deal with customers. Bar back was also good because people at the bar are generally having a better time and you really didn't have to interact with customers if you didn't want to. But no matter how bad the day was it was always so nice to leave for the day with a stack of cash in hand. It'll get better man, just wait for that money to start coming in.
I only get paid at the end of the month... @mikerosa92 I have to wait so long.
@DanielSpazJames that means you can buy two boards and five wheels(; just wait for the money man, youl suddenly love work
Eh Idk I only get 300 give or take.