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So I struggle with depression and I have struggled with it for many years. I am constantly having people come and go from my life. I lose the people I love the most and I'm always told I'm not as important as other. The only thing that has made me smile the most and the only thing I know will always be there for me is longboarding. Longboarding has kept me from potentially taking my own life. I live for boarding and I love when I meet people who love boarding and are nice. I just thought I'd share this with you guys. Have fun boarding if you guys are out for a night ride and have a great time if you guys are heading out first thing in the morning.
And along with the gifts of longboarding, you have a WHOLE community right by your side who enjoy the sport of freedom as much as you do bro :) carve and cruise for life my friend!
I've heard of longboarding helping a ton of people with depression! So you're not alone. I kinda wish my friend got into it, it may have stopped him from taking his own life. I tried to get him to come longboarding but he never really came. Oh well. Why live in the past right? Anyway, glad to hear this sports helping you!
@chizzle thank you. That means a lot to me. That all of you are strangers but you guys care so much. Most of you guys care more than people I have known for years. All of this means a lot from everyone @chizzle, @ThomasOwen, @MicahKnopp, @IsaacPaulR, @tristendamon, @steezus, @filirican, and everyone else
I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Its very sad to hear I wish he could have gotten into it. R.I.P. @steezus friend. I didn't know you but you will be missed. But it's okay to live in the past a bit just don't get stuck there and forget to come back to the present.
I know how you feel. I was in a really bad car crash 6 years ago. the doctor talk me I would never skate agean. 4 years went by before I did any thing about my weight . I stared losing weight then I pushed myself to get back on my board now I feel so free and because I'm back on my board my older brother just go one so we can ride together.
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