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Five Mile Black Widow
Just a high quality board right here. Love the concave and drop of this downhill board. Five mile is closing and I want this board soooo bad. This board is so dope I can't even describe. It's a sad day for longboarding when this company goes under.
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@IsaacPaulR it's great for tucking, not so much for pushing around
3 years ago·Reply
True @IsaacPaulR It's not really about comfortability with this board, just for downhill speed, and speed checks.
3 years ago·Reply
are you sure that site didn't have it for 210 complete? with the price drop of the deck alone that'd be plausible. if not, that's a dick move, skating is about spread in the stoke, not trying to capitalize off of it.
3 years ago·Reply
@Jlukasik The website isn't working right now, but it was a place called Oceanside Carvers. Other sites that still have in stock has it for the regular 168~175 us dollars
3 years ago·Reply
Your right @Jlukasik I haven't checked what the prices are recently. I'm sure they're having a going out of business sale.
3 years ago·Reply