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Five Mile Black Widow
Just a high quality board right here. Love the concave and drop of this downhill board. Five mile is closing and I want this board soooo bad. This board is so dope I can't even describe. It's a sad day for longboarding when this company goes under.
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True @IsaacPaulR It's not really about comfortability with this board, just for downhill speed, and speed checks.
are you sure that site didn't have it for 210 complete? with the price drop of the deck alone that'd be plausible. if not, that's a dick move, skating is about spread in the stoke, not trying to capitalize off of it.
@Jlukasik The website isn't working right now, but it was a place called Oceanside Carvers. Other sites that still have in stock has it for the regular 168~175 us dollars
Your right @Jlukasik I haven't checked what the prices are recently. I'm sure they're having a going out of business sale.