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What does it mean to look like a slut? In another interesting video from Hannah on Youtube, she explores the word slut, and whether or not this word should exist. In my opinion, I agree with Hannah: the simple answer is that there is not such thing as slut. Why have girls disassociated themselves from the idea of being a “slut”? What does it mean if we want to reveal a little more skin, or a little less? Does less clothing always mean we are looking for sex, or some other relationship? Does our clothing really accurately correlate to the number of partners we spend our time with? I think not. Recently, feminist movements have been attempting to reappropriate the word slut into a more positive meaning: TV shows have jokes centered around looking "classy with a hint of slutty." These women are taking a derogatory term, and then making it a joke that they are in control of in an attempt to clear its meaning. But still there are those out there that use the term in only a demeaning way, and girls who still use it positively with themselves, but negatively towards those they dislike. And this, I believe, is something that needs to stop.
@TechAtHeart So very true. Not everyone will understand your intention in any scenario where you are speaking, but in situations like this, it becomes even more dangerous.
@TechAtHeart Exactly: it's probably better to just not use words like this, rather than to attempt to re-engage them in a positive way, right? Though I am guilty of slipping into using them among friends as well. Such a strange habit.
@nehapatel Yes, it's understandable, we slip is strange, right? I constantly have to remind myself how powerful words are...they can be used for good or they can really hurt people. And I guess reclaiming these type of words aren't a bad idea...but like she said, not everyone understands what that means and would just reinforce the negativity. :/
Yes I totally agree with her! Personally, I don't use this word myself because I hate it. I especially don't like it when girls use it among themselves so lightly. When men see this, it just encourages them to use it. Same with "bitch". Hate that word!!