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This was an outlaw race that my buddy that I met down at the skate park threw together. He is the one in the middle of the pictures at the bottom. This is just some of the podium shots, and some of the group pictures with a bunch of the guys that were in the race. I will be uploading my edit of the race and skating afterwards. The race was from probably three or four miles away from the Ashland Skate Park, and there was ten guys racing. It was a Chinese Downhill with out any set route, so you can go any way you want to the skate park. I was the first to turn off the main road it started on, and I was in first when I left the pack. I was battling some kid for a while, feeling my chest about to explode, and my legs about to fall off. I made it to the top of the pyramid, which was the finish line, in third place and won ten bucks. five dollar entry fee so definitely awesome!
Awesome! I could totally go for a round of that!
Sweet! sounded like fun haha