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Some of the shots I took during the Channel Zero "Hot Summer" music video shoot in the aircraft bone yard in Mojave, CA. They had professional dancers dressed in flesh colored shorts and tube tops - covered in mud from head to toe - dancing behind them. Not sure why - but it's a music video - who cares!?! A really fun but miserable shoot. It was just above freezing with a storm front moving through - half the shoot was done in 30mph winds with stinging 40 degree rain. Towards the end of the day the sun came out. But it didn't matter - everyone was soaked and frozen by then.
I wouldn't expect the desert to be freezing during the day! These are really awesome action shots, I can almost hear the music!
Also, the makeup is so scary! Pretty realistic looking.
That's so crazy, I never would have known the weather was so bad if you didn't mention it. That is why I love hearing behind-the-scenes stories because it's so great to hear how much work it actually took to shoot something.
These are great behind the scene shots!