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Too Many Cooks!
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Too Many Cooks! is now stuck in my head, and will be forever more. Adult Swim, what have you done to me?! This show isn't listed on TV guides, your description on the youtube video is terrifying (it's in unreadable characters) and it is a NEVER.ENDING. 90s sitcom theme song. What does this mean?! I can't escape this song. Get it out of my head.... there's too many cooks....but I think I've picked my 5 favorites. In no particular order: 1) ??? ????? aka the murderer 2) Logan Schoenthal (I like his belt) 3) VC Fuqua 4) Jayla James 5) Clayton Russell For a more thorough list of the top /sixty/ Cooks (yes, there are that many), check out BuzzFeed's list: http://www.buzzfeed.com/samimain/there-are-in-fact-too-many-cooks
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