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Warning - Adult Content - I guess because the dancers appear nude. But they are not. They're wearing shorts and mud. LOL. Here's the end result of the work being done for the music video shoot I did the EPK photos for. These are really great guys. I'm friends with them to this day. The bass guitar being played by Olivier (Tino) De Martino in this video belongs to me. I let him borrow it for the video. It got scratched up and rained on. But it's one of my work basses and was made to be played so I was totally cool with it. That's what happens on these shoots. Tino has remained a good friend of mine since this shoot. The drummer, Phil, unfortunately passed away last year. He was a great guy, a lot of fun. I was very saddened by his passing. RIP Phil. Check Channel Zero out if you are not familiar with them. They're some hard-rockin dudes!
It's interesting to see your photos first then to see the video! This isn't really my music style but the video is really cool!
Thank you for your comment! :D I've worked in the music industry for several years now and I have to say there are many bands that I love and am a fan of whose music really isn't my thing. It's because I get to know the members of the bands personally and they are people I really like/enjoy working with or being around. Also, for me - to see how hard some of these men and women work - practicing and always trying to improve their musicianship. A great example is my friend Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse. He and his wife are two of my favorite people. I don't listen to Death Metal. It's totally NOT my thing. But Alex is such a professional. He cares about the quality of what he's doing and he sincerely loves his fans. He's such a nice guy and he's truly a gifted musician with an amazing range of technical ability. He's known for one thing. But that's the illusion. Just because these musicians play a certain type of music doesn't mean that's all they can do. As for Channel Zero - I spent two days with them and from those 48 hours I walked away with lasting friendships and enormous respect for their dedication to their fans and their professionalism. Also, they've been rocking for 20 years. Look up a song called "Self Control". That's a song I do like very much and it shows their ability to do more than the hard rock you hear in this video. Franky - their lead singer - has a truly beautiful tone to his voice. He's got power and control. He's a great vocalist.