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Some of the Ebola mania has died down, but we still have those that do not understand the real danger of the Ebola virus, or what it really does and how it really spreads. Rather than panic, let's all learn about Ebola, and really understand what it is we are afraid of! "What does the Ebola virus actually do in your body? Why is it so dangerous and why does it kill so many people?” Those are the questions explored in a new video by Kurzgesagt, a Munich-based design studio that specializes in creating educational and scientific animations. Kurzgesagt, in case you’re wondering, means “in a nutshell” in German. As in, here’s the deal with Ebola in a nutshell.
This is so helpful. The news sites have been blowing this way out of proportion, but I'm still glad I know exact what ebola is!
This is fantastic! Clipping for my "crash course in" collection since this is basically a crash course in Ebola :)
@flymetothemoon Likewise! I didn't really know, either, at least not to this depth. @nehapatel True, it is! I think you'd find many of this groups videos great for that purpose, actually.
@greggr Thanks! Yeah I checked them out a bit yesterday and have really liked it what I've seen so far.