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Best longboard
Every body comment your favorite board , hard wear, bearings, wheels , grip tape, and trucks. There are no wrong answers! Comment away!
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comet shred <3 bustin yoface both 35 unf unf landyachtz charlie horse hollow tech never rode it but I sure as hell want it the other two I have rn
3 years ago·Reply
Fav board dervish sama. Paris trucks for me with venom shr bushings.
3 years ago·Reply
Do Lunchtray Lite Rey Trucks any wheels seismic Tekton bearings and vicious or rvdx
3 years ago·Reply
Db *
3 years ago·Reply
Mine's gotta be the Loaded Tesseract because it's the Loaded Tesseract... 'nough said
3 years ago·Reply