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Is it just me or is 90% of the vingle community kooks and groms? It's driving me crazy, I mean we've all been there but still it's annoying when there's like a ton of them. So no offense but please do your research before you ask potentially stupid questions or post things you know nothing about. Sincerely, -My sanity
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What trucks are best for freeriding?
I personally enjoy answering questions, even really simple basic questions. I know when I first started I had to learn a lot of the basic stuff by my own personal experience and tons of research. For most things, it's easier to ask someone than looking it up. Someone answers with just a few sentences as opposed to having to read through an article or something.
I don't mind they're being newbies its just they're the only ones that post. I wish I saw shit from really good people more often. I need to see shit that gives me motivation to get better
@JonathanHarvey thats because they're only in it for the contests. Once the contests are over, they'll be inactive (maybe) and the good posts will come
@steezus it's possible. The other problem is there's a lot of people who are uneducated on longboarding