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Is it just me or is 90% of the vingle community kooks and groms? It's driving me crazy, I mean we've all been there but still it's annoying when there's like a ton of them. So no offense but please do your research before you ask potentially stupid questions or post things you know nothing about. Sincerely, -My sanity
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There's bound to be beginners here. Some may have started because of this community. Like @steezus said, you gotta start somewhere. If anything I like that there are new b's. Im still rather fresh myself (if you consider longboarding for a year fresh) This is the best place to get advice really, everyone here is at a different level of experience so you can get tons of usefull pointers
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Everybody has to start somewhere. Remember, you were an annoying kook once too. We all were at some point.
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There'll always be that one kid or the "crazy" people anywhere you go. It's the way you deal with them that shows your true personality and help them maybe. For anyone just remember, being dicks to them probably won't help!
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Im still a kook, thanks for not hating me too much guys(;
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haha @IsaacPaulR , we are all kooks when ypu think about it. Theres always someoene who knows better
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